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Red China Doll Mica Pigment - 10g


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Red 'China Doll' Mica Pigment - 10 grams.

This red mica is a light red shade and is perfect for using on its own or mixing it with other mica pigments such as gold or silver. 

Oxides and mica pigments are suitable for general cosmetic use (with the exception of chromium green and ultramarines which cannot be used on lips) and all soap making. They can also be used in bath bombs with some polysorbate solubiliser added to reduce bath tub residue.

As mentioned, mica pigments can be mixed with other micas easily and this is a cost effective way to create more colour shades
. Mix green with gold, green with silver, orange and yellow, orange and gold...and so on. Use a medium size zip lock bag to combine the two shades. It is easiest to snip off the top of each bag before gently combining together, as mica can be messy if held up high to pour it into something else...keep it low, if that makes sense...too much air and movement and those naughty little mica particles fly absolutely everywhere. Work outdoors on a nice, calm, still day.

Suitable for melt/pour soap or cold processed soap. A glycerine substrate can be used to disperse oxides/mica into melt and pour soap base. An oil or glycerine substrate can be used to colour cold processed soap. A reserved portion of the cold processed soap batch can also be used to mix oxides and/or mica into.

Oxides and micas will not colour candle or cosmetic waxes effectively.


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