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Beginners Bath Bomb/Fizzy Making Kit. 

This kit includes everything you need as a beginner to create your very own bath bombs, which make fantastic gifts for family and friends.

This beginner kit contains:
*An instruction Sheet
*Citric Acid 250 grams
*Bicarb Soda 500 grams
*Water based dye - red or blue to correspond with type of kit ordered, red dye is for the rose petal kit. (Purple dye cannot be used in citric acid as it turns green, so blue dye is sent with the lavender kit)
*One 10 ml bottle of fragrant oil - rose or lavender.
*One 10 gram bag of flowers - rose petals or lavender petals.
*One 50 ml bottle of isopropyl alcohol/water mixture.

*One small spray bottle attachment.
*One acrylic mould of random selection.

Further notes about bath bomb making - colourants/additives

Mica pigments and oxides can safely be used in bath fizzies/bombs, although they will usually leave a ring around the tub. To counteract this, Polysorb 80 or 85 is added which is a solubiliser.

I have found that a coloured food gel works well in bath bombs, it is dispersable in water, has a lovely mild aroma and produces a pastel colour which rinses cleanly - very easy to use and ideal for children. You can find this product here.

Food grade dyes/pigments such as Lakes are safe to use in cosmetics generally but their colour will often be unstable in alkaline substrates such as cold processed soap and bath bombs.

Neon coloured pigments are fine for use in bath bombs, but not for long term cosmetic use. 

All sorts of herbs, clays, foaming agents (SLSA), oils, butters, milk powders, clays, salts and other ingredients can be added to bath bombs...It has become a highly skilled art form in itself with loads of information on Youtube, Facebook etc. 

Witch hazel toner is sometimes added to replace the water, instead of isopropyl alcohol. There are all sorts of acrylic and metal moulds available to buy, but your hands are your best tools if you are a beginner :)  

We hope that you find this kit is 'just right' for you. Enjoy.


This product was added to our catalog on Monday 17 February, 2014.