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Modelling / Sculpting Wax Recipe (free)

Modelling / Sculpting Wax Recipe (free)

Ah, try as I may, I cannot sculpt with any other medium except for wax...I have tried plastilene, WED wax, school clay, polymer clay but as I've been carving with beeswax for so long, I can't get used to anything else. So, here's my own modelling wax recipe that I use all the time. 

To make your own modelling wax, you'll need a portable stovetop, similar to a camping stovetop, metal saucepan, some beeswax, some vegetable oil and some petroleum jelly (from supermarket or chemist). If you have some old paraffin candles laying around that you wish to recycle, you can add a little bit to your beeswax, to make it more economical. Paraffin wax is merely used as a 'filler', nothing else, so add no more than 40% of this to your beeswax.
Lanolin added to beeswax (instead of petroleum jelly) results in a tacky wax, of which I never want to try...

For SOFT wax: 
Add 40% petroleum jelly to 60% beeswax, plus vegetable oil 30mls. 

For MEDIUM wax: Add 20petroleum jelly to 80% beeswax. Add 30mls of any vegetable oil. 

Pour into moulds, let cool, then carve away...hours and hours of fun :) 

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